Making Of on the go:


At the very beginning of a project we will meet with you to reach an understanding of your vision for the video. Throughout the entire process we will work closely together to plan, create and produce, to ensure that this video represents your project.


After shooting, we will move into the post-production phase, where the video project becomes the final piece of filmkunst.


Offering a wide range of skills:

consulting, concept and look development, storyboards, cinematography, graphics, animation, typography, soundtrack, film and sound editing. supports your film project from concept design all the way to post production.

Emotional storytelling is the key to an inspiring video experience.

A strength that we at have mastered. This was confirmed in the international short film festival »Art By Chance«, where our films »minorCHANGES« and »HOME« received awards in 2011 and 2012.

Life is full of stories and everybody has their own one to tell.

Whether you are an artist or a business, we capture the essence of those stories through moving pictures.




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